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Monday, 8 December 2014

The second beautiful thing from being out this day...

As I had lunch outside by the sea, which was rough today because of the wind, I had a thought which occurred to me earlier, while here in Malta.

Each wave is totally unique and will never appear again. Each wave either out at sea, against the rocks, or on the shoreline will never happen again in the exact same way.

So, too, is each one of us. We are like the waves, distinct from all others, and never to be repeated.

God has a purpose in each wave. I do not know what the purpose of each wave is, but such waves are beautiful to behold and cause me to praise God.

Likewise, each one of us has been created to praise God in a particular way. This is the main service of our lives, to praise God by our very beings. The main reason for the road to perfection is to help us be what God intended so that we can praise Him and be in union with Him.

Valletta's streets were stuffed with people today, families, couples, children, enjoying the sun, being together on this national holiday.

Many shops were open, so I suppose some people did Christmas shopping today. But, as it is a holy day, the reason for the national holiday, of course, I went to Mass. More people than usual attended Mass, thank God; the memory of times when Mary was venerated by the whole island, remained in some people's hearts and minds.

But, the vast majority were not going to Mass. Those individuals did not realize that the great love for Mary which Our Lord showed us, and which the Church teaches by honoring her, was the main purpose of this day-a day to show Mary love and honor.

The waves of people on the street had less purpose than the waves in the sea. The sea waves praise God by being, but too many people withhold praise to God and honor to Mary.

Like the birds which act by instincts created in their beings by God, wind and clouds and sea and sky give praise to God by being.

We are different in that we choose to praise God or not to do so.

The beauty of the waves could have been matched by the beauty of the people, but not will is sacred to God. He will not overwhelm our freedom to shop or to go to Mass.

The beauty of that freedom turns to dust and ashes in the streets of Malta. We all should be like the waves of the sea, and praise God in our very beings.

In 2011, I attended the procession which honors the icon of Our Lady of Carafa, on the side of this blog. Sadly, when I was in Valletta today, I found out that the organizers had changed the time by several hours and that it was not to occur until after dark. I cannot go out alone after dark or come back home alone in the dark. I had to skip this procession which seemed important to walk, through the streets of the capital. I was going to share the details with you.

The men who carry the large and heavy icon make an oath to do this. They have to stop several times in order to rest, as it is so heavy. I remember the procession clearly in 2011, but then I was staying in Valletta just minutes from the Cathedral. At that time, all involved said the rosary and people came out of the shops to join in a few minutes of prayer as the icon was carried by in great state.

I sincerely hope that many people attended. When I went in 2011, there were less than 100 people honoring Mary on this, the national feast.

to be continued...