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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Poignant Dream From A Friend

One of my male friends has a strange dream. I share it today. I write it in the present tense as he told me the story.

There is a large cavern, and on the right there is a cliff which goes straight up. On the left a deep chasm.

A path is between the cliff and the cavern and blocking this path is a huge demon. The demon stands in the way of people who are moving towards him, because on the other side of him is a patch of light.The colossal demon is holding a battle ax in his hand and he is wearing a cloak

A large group of people is walking towards the demon and the light, but, there is a large wall of fire singeing them.

Some panic, moving too fast towards the giant demon, which sweeps them into chasm with the ax

Those who do not panic organize and the strongest are in the front row, while the next strongest form a u shape around the weaker people, with the weakest in the middle, who are sheltered by the strong.

They all begin to pray the rosary and as they approach the demon, the ax flips out of his hand and falls into the chasm

The demon reaches under his cloak to get a scimitar, but as he does that he turns into stone

The people walk under him and around his feet to the light. and the following flames envelop the demon while the people, now safe, move toward the light,