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Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Extinction of Souls

In 1916, Leon Bloy wrote that something new was happening in Europe and that was the effort of various "isms" to bring about the "extinction of souls".

It has happened. We are now witnessing a world where souls have been made truly invisible by the double miasma of materialism and hedonism.

The soul of Europe, bludgeoned by those who are even more materialistic than the Europeans, lies gasping for air on the edge of chaos.

Bloy is one of the authors who one either adores or hates. He, himself, is more interesting than his works, but one cannot understand him without his works.

Living in dire poverty, Bloy has the clarity of mind only those living on the outside of society can have, of seeing the material world for what it is...the place of suffering given to us by God for our own purification.

He is a prophet for our times...

Can we feed our souls so that these do not dry up and die? I think so...Can we save the soul of Europe? I think not.