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Friday, 27 February 2015

Sleeping As The Wolf Steals The Sheep
One of the obvious changes in the last few years on blogs has been the change in readership. This is obvious on Father Z's excellent blog, where many names of commentators have faded from the regular list over his long years of blogging.

Same with me on this blog. Many of the original readers are still with me, but many have gone on to other sites or have stopped reading blogs.

Some have just stopped commenting, which is fine.

But, I have a hunch that some readers fade away because they fall back to sleep instead of keeping watch for the wolves among the sheep. It is hard to stay awake, to pray many hours of the day, to go the daily Mass and weekly Confession. It is hard to study the faith and keep up with daily work and chores.

I know, I lived the harried life of the single mum, working and homeschooling. God did it, not me.

It is extremely important that the faithful who keep up with the blogs at least read some of the articles posted by Father Z or Southern Orders, or other good blogs. Why? We are entering into a new unleashing of evil and many Catholics will get battle fatigue and fall away. Some will fall away from the Church by choosing an alternative, perhaps a local Catholic parish which will leave over ssm, or some other issue, like not giving Communion to those in irregular marriages, and so on

I had a long talk last night with a friend of mine and we came to the conclusion that despite many months, if not years of talking about community and podding, "it just ain't gonna happen."

The time has passed. This male friend, a wise and holy person, can see that most Catholics just do not get it--that we will be scattered and impoverished, according to the Will of God in the times to come upon us soon.

I am sorry that so many good and traditional Catholics did not heed the call to building community. I understand how easy it is to fall back into the stress and busyness of everydayness.

God bless all my readers. Do not give up the daily fight for holiness, and pray for strength, for perseverance. And, contrary to some writings on line recently, now is the time for the new evangelization. Our days for freedom are numbered.