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Friday, 20 February 2015

Thoughts on St. Joseph

God decided how St. Joseph's life was to be lived. He obeyed God in all things. Perhaps, when he became engaged to the beautiful Mary, Joseph thought he would have a "normal" life of a workman, with a loving wife bearing him many children, as was the custom of the Jewish family. Perhaps, he had dreamt of grandchildren, and even the establishment of the House of David, as something more than a distance, happy memory. Little did he dream that the Messiah would be placed under his special care and that the Mother of God would be his charge. I am sure Joseph, a truly righteous man, had given his life to God years before he met Mary. God chose him from all time to be the protector of the Holy Family. Let us to to him with all of our temporal and spiritual needs. He was in union with God, illuminated by grace, and a great lover of the Trinity, learning from Mary, to whom was given the first understanding personally in her own body and soul the great mystery of Three Persons in One God.