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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Framing Prayer 10 Carmelites Continued.....

Titus Brandsma learned to pray in the deep silence of his training as a Carmelite. So, too, Elizabeth of the Trinity, of whom I have many posts, (so follow the tag), learned prayer in suffering and silence in her convent.

One died as a martyr after bringing the strength of his prayer to Dachau. One died extremely young, from a lingering illness, cared for by her sisters in the Lord.

What these two saints have in common is the grounding of a relationship with God in prayer. But, a relationship needs time to develop. Giving Christ time is loving Him already.

We pay attention to those we love.

We have time for those we love.

We try and be perfect in the presence of those we love. But, only Christ can reach down and raise us up.

Here is the young saint. Elizabeth, with words to begin this section on her life of prayer:

O Lord, what does it matter, when I can retire within myself, enlightened by faith, whether I feel or don’t feel, whether I am in light or darkness, enjoy or do not enjoy?  I am struck by a kind of shame at making any distinction between such things and, despising myself utterly for such want of love, I turn at once to You …above the sweetness and consolations which flow from You, because I have resolved to pass by all else in order to be united with You.