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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Great Britain, Mission Country

One in twelve people in Great Britain are Catholic, which means about five million people. Only one million attend Mass regularly. Great Britain is a missionary country greatly in need of both vocations to the priesthood and to the married life.

I know some families with lots of children-they are SSPX families. I do not know large Catholic families outside the TLM parishes. Why? We know the reason is the general rejection of Humanae Vitae and the refusal of so many priests to preach the truth about this encyclical.

St. Edmund Campion

Missionary countries need strong men and women to catechize and be good examples for the rest of the society. In a missionary country, one cannot sit back and pretend that the status quo is fine. Sadly, even some missionary priests from missionary orders are not as strong and upfront as they should be with the Faith.

That the Church was persecuted for hundreds of years here makes a difference to the pysche of some people. There is a fear culture about religion which does not exist in the States, yet. That fear culture here is based on the history of persecution and on too many "mixed marriages". Catholics are afraid to be Catholic. One can hope and pray that the next generation, who are chosing to live the life of Faith more outwardly than their parents can turn the tide. But, it will take something more than a generational change, it will take another persecution to make the Church grow and be strong here.

God has His ways to bring people to themselves and to salvation. We must pay attention, pray, decide, act.

Pray for missionaries.