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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Mini-series on Benedictines-Two: the new biography of Mother Marie Adele Garnier

Mother Adele Garnier, or Mother Mary of St. Peter, is the foundress of the Congregation of Adorers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus of Montmarte. These are called the Tyburn Benedictines.

She wrote hundreds of letters in her lifetime and a biography of her has just been published, literally, hot off the press. She was a mystic, in the unitive way, in the same category at St. Teresa of Avila, or St. John of the Cross. Her time for canonization will come.

Here are two sections from letters of hers

"Do you think a bit too much of your mistakes, my dear little daughter, and under this impression you fall back   on yourself and you concentrate in a vague fear and anxiety. Try not to scrutinise yourself so much, my good daughter; immerse yourself in the merciful love of God...Think of him, love him, strive to do everything for him, and little by little, he will attenuate your failures and put in their place in your soul the virtues that he loves. May you always desire to imitate this Divine Model who has said to us through his word and example: 'always do what pleases my Father'".

She also wrote: "My very dear daughter, may the holy and adorable will of God be our only satisfaction and joy! In this will we are assured of finding the true good, that alone is able to satisfy our love. Everything else merits not even a desire, nor any regret. Never forget this.'"

Here is a review of the book and more information, and there is more on the link above. The Vatican Press published the book. It is available now.