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Sunday, 2 September 2012

On Fashion Again for Catholic Ladies

What we should be wearing to Church on Sunday....with a mantilla or hat!

Well, I do not have money but if I did, I would be tempted to get the entire Christian Dior daywear collection this Autumn and Winter. Not the see-through, swishing evening wear, which is not modest, but most of the skirts, tops and jackets are great.

It has been a long time since common sense and elegance have been combined in fashion for every day wear. Those of us who wear professional or semi-professional dress can now find things which do not look like we are stealing from our brothers' closets. The new fashions are feminine and modest for the most part.

If you enjoy looking at these things, above is a link. One can get ideas, then use the basic trends by buying less expensive but "trendy" things.

But, ladies, remember, YOU set the trend.

The only thing I would not buy are the platform shoes, which some of us suffered for a VERY short time in the seventies and gave up as stupid, uncomfortable and really, not attractive.

Also, intelligent girls and women wear flats--did you know this?

I do not know where I fit in, as I wear Danskos. I am very "medieval".

I have very few winter skirts. It does not matter if people see the same thing if one is smart looking. Quality, not quantity. Even St. Pio, (Padre Pio) would approve of the skirt lengths.