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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Can I backtrack without losing you? Part 27b, more from Albert the Great

Albert teaching Aquinas
Well, I found the notes I wanted to add to the Albertus Magnus section on perfection, so here is addendum, Part 27b. If you knew my living situation, you would be surprised I even found this excellent titbit.

"The image of God is in the three powers of the soul, reason, memory, and will. As long as these are not wholly impressed with God, the soul is not deiform, as it was originally made. For God is the form of the soul, and it must be impressed with Him as wax with the seal. But, this is not fully done till the mind is illumined by Divine Knowledge, the will wholly actuated by Divine Love, and the memory absorbed in the possession of eternal happiness. And as the perfect life in heave is the consummate enjoyment of these things, it follows that their commencement here below is our perfection in this life"

De Adhaeredo Deo, 3

The important point here is that we can and must begin this journey to perfection NOW. Also, note that we were made to be in the image and likeness of God, which were lost by Adam. So, it is for us to reclaim that image and likeness through the process of purification. 

St. Bernard states, "We have kept the image, but lost the likeness", which means one has reason, the soul, memory and will, but not grace.

Cooperating with the sacramental life of the Church with regard to grace is our job here on earth.

I need to read more of this magnificent saint. But, on to Bernard............seen here.