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Monday, 5 August 2013

The Time of The Eucharist Part Two

In today's readings, we hear the story of the complaints of the Hebrews who wanted food. They got manna and for awhile they were fine. Of course, we see how they wanted meat as well as they complained about the manna. Moses had to pray to God, and he was wearied of his grumbling people. Murmuring against God and His Will is a huge sin. But, God listened to Moses and the people got meat.

from Numbers, we have this reading:

'Why do you treat your servant so badly? Why have I not found favour with you, so that you load on me the weight of all this nation? Was it I who conceived all this people, was it I who gave them birth, that you should say to me, "Carry them in your bosom, like a nurse with a baby at the breast, to the land that I swore to give their fathers"? Where am I to find meat to give to all this people, when they come worrying me so tearfully and say, "Give us meat to eat"? I am not able to carry this nation by myself alone; the weight is too much for me. If this is how you want to deal with me, I would rather you killed me! If only I had found favour in your eyes, and not lived to see such misery as this!'

from Matthew, we have this Gospel:

When evening came, the disciples went to him and said, 'This is a lonely place, and the time has slipped by; so send the people away, and they can go to the villages to buy themselves some food'. Jesus replied, 'There is no need for them to go: give them something to eat yourselves'. But they answered 'All we have with us is five loaves and two fish'. 'Bring them here to me' he said. He gave orders that the people were to sit down on the grass; then he took the five loaves and the two fish, raised his eyes to heaven and said the blessing. And breaking the loaves handed them to his disciples who gave them to the crowds. They all ate as much as they wanted, and they collected the scraps remaining; twelve baskets full. Those who ate numbered about five thousand men, to say nothing of women and children.
We have the Bread from Heaven, the Eucharist, and still we complain for more. Our desires, which mostly grow inordinate, hide the beauty of God in our lives.
Do not let the seeking for meat distract you from seeking Christ in the Eucharist. The time to do that is now.