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Monday, 2 September 2013

The Dark Night Part 49

This is the penultimate post on the Dark Night of the Soul and the Spirit. I want, in this short post, to list the desires which mark the soul in the darkness of being brought closer to God. One moves beyond desire to a passivity in waiting for God, a trust in the darkness.

One could make a little prayer out of this list. These are sixteen desires, like the sixteen small tanzanites on this ring. I use this picture, as if Christ was the amethyst goal of all my desires and my small desires lead to Him.
Want to be weak in the world, made strong only in and through God.

Want to love God in silence, the silence of meditation and finally, contemplation.

Want to overcome the predominant fault and be brutally honest with one's self.

Want to become love for the sake of Love, not for one's own sake, but for God's alone,

Want all who one meets to experience not the "me" but the love of God.

Want all who one meets to experience a peace, and love even if one does or says nothing.

Want to love Christ in silent love, willing to do anything to meet Him there.

Want to live entirely on and in faith, relying on Christ alone.

Want to die with Christ, in order to live in Christ.

Want to embrace suffering.

Want to walk in the footsteps of Mary on the Way of the Cross.

Want to be in the desert of the Dark Night in order for the seven virtues to shine forth unknown.

Want the one thing that matters, be in and with Christ no matter what the obstacles.

Want to be love.

Want to love more than one receives, but know this is impossible with God.

Want to be a Bride of Christ, the Bridegroom.