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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Good Teachings for This Time of Year

Father Chad Ripperger is the priest to listen to on line for excellent information on spiritual warfare and problems with the unseen. Father Ripperger has several excellent talks here and please say a decade of the rosary, or pay one dollar to the website, or both.

What I am sharing are important teachings on family problems, negative thinking and habituated unhealthy thinking, which is mental illness

I do not think there is a better speaker on such things as custody of the mind, disordered faculties, and mental health for Catholics than Father Ripperger. He has taught in a seminary and I think he is now teaching exorcists.

Some points:

1) Faith is the first illumination and helps us how to understand things on the spiritual level.

2) Faith is the first purification of the intellect.

3) Forgiveness is a necessity from both a spiritual and psychological point of view.

4) Rationality and spirituality go together.

5) God's forgiveness is greater than any sin.

6) Our emotional life follows thinking.

7) Sometimes, habitual wounds need to be gone over and over again to be healed. This means work.

8) Stop sinning, as Father says every time one sins, one messes up one's self psychologically and spiritually.

9) The more virtuous a person is the more that person is no longer wounded.

10) Sometimes God allows one to be wounded in order to grow in virtue.

11) Not just on the level of natural virtue, but on the supernatural level--one is changed.

12) Fr. recommends a prayer which I have prayed-God, take my heart and give me Your Heart; make my heart like unto Thine.

13) Virtue beings joy, not pain. Reparation results when a person suffers and "offers it up".

14) We have to be willing to suffer to give up self--see the perfection series over and over and over....

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