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Friday, 18 July 2014

Why Do Trads Trust The Media?

One of the most serious problems among Catholic Traditionals in America is that they read either the wrong sources, or do not understand the media at all. I want to make a few points on the recent problems again with reports from the, mostly, Italian, media concerning statements from the Pope.

Here are my bullets for consideration:

  • Not all popes are scholars or saints. Some are more spontaneous and less reflective.
  • The Italian media, even the official Vatican newspaper, has been infiltrated by Marxists and even atheists for years and years and years.
  • Americans never read foreign newspapers as they are so provincial and do not go to the sources. This is a serious problem among trads who naively trust American news sources, which are also anti-Rome.
  • Trad newspapers also have agendas. Some are uncharitable, incorrect, and do not check their sources. Some publish knee-jerk articles.
  • This Pope has made no doctrinal statements and has only published one encyclical. He has, therefore, only one infallible document, which is that encyclical, as all encyclicals are infallible.
  • This Pope is not European and is not part of the European in-crowd, many of whom are not happy with a New World Pope.
  • Trads who say he is not a real Pope have excommunicated themselves as sedevacantinists. 
  • One does not have to LIKE every Pope. The Church has been blessed with saintly men as popes for over a hundred years. This pope may become a saint in office, so pray for him.
  • The world-wide media hates the Catholic Church so much all statements, photo-ops etc. are ammo. So? What is new? The media hated the Pope Emeritus as well, and St. John Paul II.
  • One must not accept disinformation from any source. There is no such thing as a completely objective newspaper or TV presenter. In fact, some trads listen daily to presenters who absolutely hate Catholics. Pay attention, pray, reflect.