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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A quiet down day and early mornings....

I need a quiet down day which will consist of reading more of Fr. Chad Ripperger's great book and trying to get some needed rest.

But, before I leave off blogging for the day, I want to mention that several friends of mine have been awakened, since 2011, early in the morning to pray. I mean early, like four or four-thirty.  These good people have been asked to pray more. I now know six or more people who get up at fourish and pray for others, saying extra rosaries, and some of these people are still working, not retired.

This has happened to me since November of 2011. When I am well, and not fighting asthma all night, I get up and pray early. God is moving some of us to do this. Pay attention. If you are waking up and do not know why, it could be that God is calling you to extra prayer.

We need extra prayer for reparation for the sins of ourselves and others, for the Church, which is assaulted on various fronts. We need to pray for those who may be facing great trials in the middle of the night, such as despair or loneliness.

As Catholics, we have the great Theotokos, Mary, the Mother of God, as our greatest intercessor.

Pray, and do not stint in prayer.

See you all tomorrow, a bit later in the day.