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Sunday, 28 June 2015


When one realizes that freedom of religion and freedom of speech are coming to an end. one must decide on various options to living in a pagan culture.

My option is contemplative prayer. As I have noted in the past several years, without prayer, action is not only ineffective, but, as it is connected to the ego, possibly selfish and, therefore, sinful.

I concentrate my prayers on those who need these the most, but the focus is on priests, bishops, cardinals, the Pope, seminarians.

We have too many mediocre clergymen and not enough heroes.

If God allows this house of prayer to come about, and there is a good start in the campaign, the option to pray will become a reality.

I am beginning to ask women I know who are single to consider joining me. But, the great American dilemma is the love of individuality.

America and England have people who are not inclined to community.

The French are so much better at this. Look at the Foyers de Charité begun by the mystic, Venerable Marthe Robin. For years, some priests have wanted to help start lay communities in England based on her idea, communities like the ones in France. No success. There are 75 communities of the Foyers in 44 countries. None in England.

The Anglo-Saxon love of individuality and privacy, which is so obvious in the culture of America as well, causes people not to want to start or join communities.

I am more open than most because I lived in communities, two different types, already.

I pray for one more person to share the vision of adoration and intercessory prayer.

God is in charge.