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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Iowa Bishops' Letter on Ruling

If your bishops have issued letters, send me the links and I shall publish them here.
Sadly, at the Sunday Mass I attended, the priest chose to be silent on this issue. In some other parishes, this letter was promulgated.
"The U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage saddens us. To make something legal does not mean that it is true or good. Take, for example, the ruling that legalized abortion.
"Notwithstanding this ruling, we will continue to lead people to live under the Gospel, which requires us to be humble and loving to all others, regardless.
"The Gospel also compels us to defend and share with others Jesus’ teaching on marriage, which re-asserted the original plan of creation, and which no one can rend asunder:
"One man and one woman who freely give themselves to each other in a permanent and exclusive partnership, to be helpmates for each other, and to be open to conceiving and bringing up children.
"We believe that this understanding of marriage does no harm; on the contrary, it serves the common good of society, as well as the good of family life, and of children.
"We still expect that true religious liberty, enshrined in our Constitution, and won at such a dear price, will be honored, allowing us to be guided by a faith-formed conscience in our teaching and practice."
Most Rev. Michael Jackels, Archbishop of Dubuque
Most Rev. Martin Amos, Bishop of Davenport
Most Rev. Richard Pates, Bishop of Des Moines
Most Rev. R. Walker Nickless, Bishop of Sioux City

and an excellent reminder on Fr. Z of the Vatican take on this issue--nothing has changed.

I shall be celebrating July 4th by having a day of mortification; fasting and prayer for this country. Do you want to join me?