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Monday, 25 February 2013

Nostalgia Two

And, I know the young ones will not believe this, but those of us in the post-war generation had tin toys.

 Yes, tin. Some were tin and plastic.

Tin tea sets, tin doll houses, tin trucks..tin watering doll house and my watering can looked just like these. One of my brothers had a pop truck, or soda truck, as some called it.

I had baby toys made out of tin-rattles and other things which would be frowned upon today. Tin soldiers were still being made. Are they now?

My earliest memory of a special toy was my tin tea set, red with dogs, cats, girls, boys and red tulips on the pieces. My brother had a tin turtle and the head moved.

Even better, I had a tin motel, complete with rooms and plastic furniture, and a center with the foyer and desk. Trendy. If anyone can find a photo of the tin motel, let me know. Mine had two more rooms than this one seen on the box, but was similar. The funiture was white and green and like this set EXACTLY.  Wow!

Toddlers had tin tops which made noises, like a hum.

I had a little tin cooking stove like this one with small pots and pans. It was in much better shape than the one for sale above.

We survived. We have brains. No nanny states then.

Simpler days. Do any readers remember these toys?

Umm, we also had toy gun and holster sets. Cap guns were especially cool. My two were red handled in red holsters and a belt for me to wear with my red cowgirl outfit, which looked almost identical to this one above. I lived in it in the summer. I particularly liked the hat and vest. And, yes, I had cowgirl boots as well, in red, of course.

My  brother's was brown but similar to this one below, fancier than the one above.

If you were "shot", you had to count to ten before you could get up off the grass again.

Happier days.....but, by the time my youngest two brothers came along, these things were far in the past. They grew up in the 1960s, and the space age was in full-swing. Cowboys and cowgirls became distinctly passée.