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Monday, 25 February 2013


Looking for a mug photo for a post for today, I was reminded of two special mugs in our house in the 1950s.

My brother had the frog at the bottom of the well mug, and I had the kitty at the bottom of the cup mug.

They resembled these and were made to encourage children to drink up all their milk.

(My cat was white with orange stripes and sitting upright.)

There was a little ditty on the outside of the mugs, which went something like this

"If you drink up all your milk, you will find what's at the bottom of the well."

Now, what is interesting is that my brother, who is one year younger than myself, and I never had trouble drinking our milk. And, of course, after the first try, we always knew what animal was at the bottom of the well.

Simpler times.....

Any readers have a mug like this or similar?

Out of pure nostalgia, I got my son a porridge bowl when he was tiny with a picture at the bottom-much in the same theme of eating all your brekkie.....It is similar to this one, only with a more complicated picture of children playing is autumn leaves. Of course, it is NOT plastic, says the Montessori Mum.