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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

In today's Times of Malta

The civil union bill provides the main story on today's Time of Malta. That this issue is being pushed shows the decadence into which this once holy island has fallen. This movement towards sin and corruption breaks my heart. Last year, the government passed the IVF bill, which is another law now in direct contradiction with the teaching of the Catholic Church.

How sad that what is being pushed as the real first step towards ssm is going through into law. Civil Liberties Minister Helena Dalli published the bill yesterday.

As the newspaper reports, this law is based on the Danish Law of 1980, which basically gives all legal and financial recognition to gay couples as to heterosexual couples.

Neil Falzon who drafted the bill, stated that the underlying principle of this bill was same-sex marriage.

I shall pray the rosary, again,  if I can, with those people on the Promenade, for Malta. Same sex couples have made Valletta and Sliema into havens for gay-pride.