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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Small Extraordinary Events

As I was taking my evening constitutional along the famous Sliema promenade, I happened upon the Legion of Mary saying the rosary in public. Of course, I joined them. We were praying for Malta, for several good reasons.

Then, as I continued my walk, I met a couple who live in Sliema saying their nightly rosary and I joined them. Again, these two were praying for Malta. Malta needs prayers. But, how wonderful that people feel free to pray in public. Several people joined us for a decade or so and moved on. I had the feeling that Mary was very pleased with this display of loyalty and devotion.

One man about my dad's age told me he had stopped to say the rosary, as he remembered when the Legion of Mary was popular in parishes.

God bless these good people and may all our prayers for Malta be answered.

1917 Postcard of Sliema