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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Cannot pass this up....

and I am living in dire poverty, as are so many others in the States. I know widows and other elderly people who have not eaten like this in years-living on ramen noodles and canned milk. The food banks cannot keep up with the demand for good, stressed families, and the enemies of freedom eat like princes, laughing at the dhimmis.

"Boston Bomber 'Tortured' With Catered Islamic Meals," from Investor's Business Daily, November 18:
War On Terror: The ACLU claims jailers are "torturing" Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev by keeping him in solitary confinement. Please. The man charged with terror bombing gets catered Islamic meals.
Just when we think we've reached the limits of tolerance for Muslim terrorists, we learn that one of the jihadist punks who confessed to killing and maiming hundreds of marathoners, then terrorizing and shutting down an entire major U.S. city, all in the name of Allah, has been getting meals prepared for him in accordance with Islamic dietary requirements.
His special halal menu includes such dishes as baked lasagna, salad and garlic bread. Tsarnaev also gets copies of the Quran and other Islamic texts to brush up on his hatred for infidels, fellow Americans most especially included.
Yet the American Civil Liberties Union has the gall to petition a federal judge for his release from isolation at the federal lockup at Fort Devens, Mass. The liberal group, which seems now to be run by a stable of Muslim lawyers who are alarmingly sympathetic even to confessed and convicted terrorists, has likened his jail restrictions there to "torture." They complain the terrorist suspect has been denied TV and radio and can't pray with other Muslim inmates. His outside communications are also limited and monitored by the feds.
And there's good reason for that. Tsarnaev made it clear in his confession note that he wanted to inspire other Muslims to commit acts of terrorism against Americans.
Here's what he penned to fellow Muslims: The "U.S. government is killing our innocent civilians, but most of you already know that. As a Muslim I can't stand to see such evil go unpunished. We Muslims are one body, you hurt one you hurt us all. The ummah (the global brotherhood of Muslims) is beginning to rise."
Tsarnaev added, in a warning to U.S. military and law enforcement: "Know you are fighting men who look into the barrel of your gun and see heaven. Now how can you compete with that? We are promised victory and we will surely get it."
Authorities wisely are cutting off any channels this Islamic fanatic might use to recruit jihadists or propagandize their cause. They don't want him inciting violence.
Unfortunately, the judge hearing his case is lending his lawyer a sympathetic ear. Though he barred the ACLU from making its outrageous "torture" statement at Thursday's hearing, U.S. District Judge George O'Toole questioned the "fairness" of the restrictions. "I agree enough with the defendant," he said.
Yes, let him out of solitary to preach at the fort chapel.
This reminds us of the Fort Hood case. Military brass bowed to the religious "needs" of Army Maj. Nidal Hasan, who praised Allah as he shot 14 soldiers, including a pregnant woman as she begged for her baby's life.
They actually agreed to let Hasan wear a full Islamic beard to trial, in violation of military regulations. Only now is the convicted mass murderer being forcibly shaved, as he awaits the needle on death row at Fort Leavenworth, Kan.
But he and his lawyers are suing the military, arguing it's a breach of his religious freedom. You'd think the jihadist would be grateful for the free grooming before he meets his 72 virgins.
Meanwhile, down at Gitmo we helpfully point prostrate al-Qaida and Taliban terrorists to Mecca, fete them with Harry Potter movie nights, and even reorder fitness equipment made in Muslim countries after they complain about the infidels who made the first batch.
Enough! Stop running Islamic daycares for terrorists.