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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The problem with Catholics reading and listening to......

Hey, do we need more information on yet more scandals in the Church and in the great problems of the lack of people in the pews? Do we need more statistics as to how many Catholics practice birth control and support abortion? Do we need to look towards the bishops' conferences to do our work for us? Do we need to complain about the lack of leadership in the Church?

Should one be obsessed with the local media and national media?


We need to work on personal holiness. Again and again, as I wrote last week, too many Catholics are looking towards politics for answers instead of God.

Only God has the answers to our problems. Only conformity with the teachings of the Catholic Church, including the Scriptures and Tradition will solve the evils of humankind.

The perfection series on this blog is over 400 postings, including works related to the Doctors of the Church. The Dark Night series is also very long.

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