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Thursday, 7 November 2013

On Fr. Ripperger's Book Again

Father Chad Ripperger writes that the break with Tradition involves serious sins perpetrated by the clergy at all levels.

He is clear that the lack of passing on tradition, including ruining churches in wreckovation is sinful, noting that it is a sin against our forefathers, a sin breaking the Fourth Commandment, as well as a sin against the Church, the saints, and God. I have felt this myself when I saw the ruining of wood carvings in Iowa which had been made lovingly by immigrants to a high standard of art.

You can read all about this in his book. But, I shall briefly highlight one section on sinning against Tradition.

He writes: "One of the effects of novelty or heresy is that is tends to confuse the faithful rather than to clarify what the Church has always believed. Authentic development of doctrine always provides a clearer understanding of the constant teaching of the Church. Novelty does not.  But here we see that the lack of adherence to the tradition leads us to act against the intellectual virtues of wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Understanding is the gift of the Holy Spirit by which we intuitively grasp the truths of the faith. When we reject the tradition which passes on the object of tradition which is the truth of revelation, we cannot have an intuitive grasp of those truths."

Father then goes on to write about sins against the gifts of knowledge and wisdom. I hope you all see, again, the necessity for the purification of the intellect but also the use of the intellect on the road to holiness.

I hope these few remarks make you want to get the book.