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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Post-Vatican II War Casualities

I have met many men and women who I call war causalities of the post-Vatican II Church. Some are broken because they could not find an orthodox or traditional order when they were of the age to enter to become nuns or priests.

Some were of the age where their parents trusted too much in so-called Catholic education and were taught Modernism.

Some were taught in colleges and universities for modernism-based theology and liturgical degrees, and because they lacked good grounding in the real deal of the Teaching Magisterium of the Church, they fell into error.

Some were taught post-modern philosophies in seminaries, and heresies of all sorts.

But, the ones which break my heart are the ones the Church did not address properly regarding those who went into other groups which were not in union with the Church, but came back and suffer the modernism of liturgy and teaching daily.  These people exhibit heroic virtue.

Some of these men and women are not as strong as they would have been if the Tradition had not been broken.

I have met these types of men and women throughout Ireland, England, and Malta.

Now, we all can be healed of the past, and we all can come into the Truth by study, repentance, humility, and good counseling, as well as good friends.

But, for this to happen, one has to learn to trust the Church again in one's area.

I sympathize.

I say to these broken people, keep looking, keep praying, keep finding out what the real teaching of the Church is and, most importantly, surround yourself with good, solid, orthodox Catholic friends.

God bless you, the walking wounded.