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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Great Show

Voris is spot on. Contraception is THE problem in the Pro-Life movement.

Mic'd Up "LIVE from the March for Life 2014"

The more I talk with and listen to the leaders of the Pro-Life movement in America, and listen to the leaders of the Pro-Life Movement in Great Britain, and knowing myself the huge fall-out of Birthright and Right to Life years ago, I know that until the issue of the contraceptive mentality is dealt with in the society, we shall not win the pro-life issues.

First of all, if Catholics are contracepting, they are in mortal sin and not in grace and cannot be leaders in the Pro-Life movement. If these same people are not contracepting but think it is ok for our Protestant brethren, they are also in disobedience.

Second, if they will not stop legistlation which passes out of supports contraception, these same leaders are contributing to the anti-life culture of death.

Third, they are encouraging cancer and birth defects, promiscuity and fornication.

Fourth, they have not faced that in order to be a person working against evil in the world, they must leave entirely the path to evil.

Fifth, clergy who support these ideas are endangering their own souls.

Sixth, these situations weaken the Church, period.

I am not hopeful of the Pro-Life movements until those in power repent of supporting contraception and change their tactics