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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Saints for Life

I have written the perfection series because too many Catholics are not only not preparing for heaven, but not building the Kingdom of God.

If we do not allow God to purge our senses and our spirit, we are merely building our own kingdoms.

We can work, and work, and work in the Church, and the labor could just be ashes.

Unless we set aside our own goals, and unless we are no longer sinning and working on getting rid of concupiscence, we are not building God's kingdom, as we would be too blocked up with ourselves, that the gifts and virtues could not flow through us to the world.

Think of this. God has given you His own life in sanctifying grace. He has given you virtues and gifts. But, none of these are operative unless you are purified.

None can work unless we are humble.

St. Bernard rightly states that in the old Good Friday liturgy, Jews, heretics, and pagans were prayed for, but not the excommunicated Catholics.


We have been given the greatest gift on earth-membership in the Catholic Church. When we choose sin which is excommunicable, we throw that gift away.

When we choose to live in mortal sin, we cannot enter heaven, nor serve God, until we repent.

When we choose venial sin, we habitually weaken the work of the Church.

When we do not allow God to purify us of the tendency to sin, when we refuse to enter into the purgation of the Dark Night of the Senses and the Spirit, we lose out on entering the great Illuminative State of power and light.

In the Illuminative State, Benedict founded his order, Dominic stopped Albigensianism, Ignatius heard the voice of God teach him the Exercises.

Lasting, creative fruit which is orthodox, and builds up the one, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church, is a sign of the Illuminative State.

Let it happen in your lives or such ministries as you think are "yours" will implode into a pile of dust.

The Pro-Life movement both in England and in the States needs more saints, needs us all to be saints, not merely good media spokespersons, or politicians, or counselors, but saints.

Be a saint for life.