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Monday, 23 February 2015


I have owned four cats in my life. Two have gone on to the kitty land of dust, and two have been adopted, as I could no longer have cats where I lived. My cats had idiosyncrasies, but none like I have seen lately in a cat here.

This past week, in "my" neighborhood, I have met an old woman whose name is Theresa. She takes long perambulations daily for her health by walking around the block and up and down the alley near the houses here.

Behind her walks, runs, sometimes rolls on the sidewalk, Buddy, her adorable, large cat. Daily, Buddy walks behind Theresa, with the aplomb and consistency of a well-trained dog.

Buddy is an unusual cat. Sometimes, it comes into Therese' house and sits with her, but every night, it wants to go out.

With temperatures as minus 2 F at night, Buddy survives because Therese has bought it a bed which heats up when the cat lays on it, and a bowl with a heater preventing the water from freezing.

Therese and Buddy entertain me with stories and two happy faces. Buddy obviously loves Therese and Therese loves Buddy.

I would like to think that I am like Buddy, following Jesus around all day, waiting for Him to pay attention to me. He does feed me and give me drink. He makes sure I am warm and loved.

I am a strange cat, but unlike Buddy, I do not want to go out at night.

Buddy may have been abused, as Therese is not its first owner. She rescued Buddy.. It seems afraid to be inside. Sometimes, because we have been hurt and need healing, we do not want to get "to close to Jesus".  He might ask us to do something very hard. Buddy will grow in trust over time. We grow in trust through purification and healing

I was rescued as well, from sin and death. Can we do less than Buddy by showing our love and gratitude to Christ, Our Savior?

Therese reminds me that love is rewarded by faithfulness and loyalty, even in freezing temperatures.

Buddy and Therese give glory to God just by existing. May we also give God glory in our lives daily, wherever we may be, either on the front sidewalk, in the alley, or on the cold, cold porch.