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Monday, 23 February 2015

Read this on Kulturkampf

The reason the U.S. faces the risk of declining educational achievement is its failure to sufficiently respond to the profound demographic change reshaping society. The current school year marks the first time in American history when a majority of all K-12 public school students nationwide are minorities. Minority students already comprise nearly two-fifths of high-school graduates and will reach about half by 2023, the Education Department projects.

I have nothing against community colleges and some of the best professors in America teach in these small colleges.

I also think most kids in university do not need to be there, as we need more schools teaching basics such as mechanics.

However, to undermine universities, especially those which have liberal arts as a basis for curriculum, which community colleges do not, is to follow Bismarck's deliberate undermining of the academies, for the support of gymasiums. which I have written about at length on this blog. Some are listed below.

Why is this bad? Only liberal arts create a thinking populace. Technical schools do not.

The Holocaust and Hitler were a direct result of Bismarck's education "reforms". Read my previous posts.

And wake up, America!

07 Dec 2012
Bismarck and Dewey would be pleased. American literature classics are to be replaced by insulation manuals and plant inventories in US classrooms by 2014. A new school curriculum which will affect 46 out of 50 states will ...
20 Apr 2012
The Popes of the 19th century fought against the Bismarck movement to change social and political life, partly by emphasizing Thomism in the face of the other isms which grew up after the Reformation: godless republicanism ...
07 Apr 2013
For centuries, children and adolescents learned the liberal arts in order to learn how to think. This ideal was destroyed on purpose in the 19th century by Bismarck and by Dewey, among others. If a Catholic has not had the ...
01 Feb 2013
Years and years of propaganda and hatred, plus the loss of critical thinking among the German people under Bismarck's changes in education, created a compliant people. Here are a few highlights of article for Stage Four.

01 Feb 2013
... from Catholics who are weak-minded have allowed these types of pre-persecution ideas to simmer in the culture. So too, Bismarck and others took advantage of simmering anti-Semitism. To be continued.
07 Feb 2012
But, as you know, anti-Catholicism goes back to Bismarck, who hated the Church, so you are witnessing 100 plus years of such. As to finding all those friends, three are in England, two in America, one in Malta and so ...
12 Oct 2014
Steven, all done on purpose, like Bismarck's gymnasium vs. academies. I use to give lectures on the undermining of the rational in education about 15 years ago--too late now with two generations with goo in their heads.