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Monday, 23 February 2015

Conspiracy Tracking as A Cop-Out

OK. to set the record straight, I totally believe that the OWG is planned and coming.

However, I want to address Catholic conspiracies which take over people's imaginations and why these are dangerous to consider.

I have seen people obsessed with the Masonic conspiracies, Fatima conspiracies, or Vatican II conspiracies.

There is nothing wrong with being aware of history, however, to be eaten up with such not only is dangerous, but may indicate a sin of sloth.

One must be reaching out daily to those who need to be evangelized, to the lost, the hungry.

If the laity only look and read newspapers and books dealing with conspiracies, and want to blame these for all the troubles in the Church, these lay people are missing the boat.

Sin causes evil and sin causes groups to form who do conspire.

But, we should be concentrating on our own sin and our daily lives of prayer and work.

To be eaten up with conspiracies creates a mindset which takes attention away from daily examination of our own consciences and looks to blame others for evil.

Until we are saints, we all contribute to evil in the world in some way, however small. This is why working on the predominate faults is so important.

Perfection, interior life, charity...

God is about ready to take care of the biggies--He has, as I have said elsewhere. unleashed the dog from the chain for a time.

Get ready and help others get ready and set aside conspiracy hunting. We know what is out there.