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Thursday, 26 March 2015


For over a year, I have been praying to Father John Hardon asking him to intercede for a complete healing of asthma.

Last year, in the winter and spring, I was having constant attacks. I had three medications I needed to take constantly. Summer was not too bad, as I moved from the Midwest, where there is a lot of agricultural pollution, to Upper State New York, which is colder and higher in altitude. But, I had some reaction to the forests, most likely mold allergy.

When autumn came around, the asthma subsided somewhat, and I kept praying. In Malta, I only had four bouts of asthma, which was fantastic, each caused by me being in areas of high car pollution for several hours. I kept praying. I had no asthma in Ireland, (I never have, nor in England), and none in France.

When I returned to the States, in the dead of winter weather in New York, I had no asthma. Living in New Jersey for some time, no asthma. By this time, I was thanking Fr. Hardon and God for healing me. Then, out of the blue this past night, I had an attack. I had experienced two mild bits in Church being surrounded by women with heavy perfume. But, this occurrence is rare. Sometimes if churches have old carpet with lots of mold or dust mites, this can set off asthma in some people.

But, this time, late at night, I began to look at my recent changes in diet.

I have discovered two things which may help others with asthmatic symptoms.

Milk and white flour products seem to cause an attack, as well as an increase in cheap sugary drinks.

Now, these are easy to avoid. My European diet was almost completely free of sugar, except for natural sugars in fruits and vegetables.

Now, it is very, very easy to avoid sugary drinks, like fruit waters. I just have to go back to drinking more plain water and less juice, or flavored water. I have been eating too much poor food, like Ramen noodles, mac and cheese, and cheap things of empty calories.

Some people say sugar is good for asthma.

Milk in cereal is easy to give up. I do not put milk in coffee. But, cereal seems to create a problem. I never ate cereal in Europe at all which may account for the lack of asthma.

I would like some comments from others who may have experience with asthma to learn if food allergies or food intake of certain things actually cause asthma.

Comments welcomed...