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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Time to re-read a series

Begging for a book as well--

To those who will be recusants in some countries in our lifetime,,,

You are the the tagged posts on the remnant. Here are some of those posts.

20 Jan 2015
Recusancy. After 1581, recusancy became an indictable offence, so recusants often appear in quarter sessions records and the fines levied were recorded in the pipe rolls. After 1592 a separate series of rolls, the recusant ...
01 Mar 2014
The first of two of the reasons why I am posting this series on recusant nuns rest in my conviction that unless there are relationships among Catholics, some type of Catholic community, the Faith will die in many areas.
01 Mar 2014
Again, one sees the pattern of relationships among the recusant families, which did not necessarily live in proximity to one another but which made a point of networking, as we would say today. May I add this from the Tudor ...
28 Feb 2012
What struck me about the narration, and also the history of recusancy in England, was the heritage of stubborn loyalty to the Church in the face of fines, imprisonment and even death It was as if the charism “in the blood” was ...

Etheldredasplace: Remnant Thinking
17 Mar 2015
Remnant mentality sees the potential for conversion, but also realizes that the Faith must be preserved intact. These young ones have no time for heresies and simply, are not interested in the same dicsussions older Catholics ...
20 Nov 2014
Perfection Series VIII Part V Word to the Pressed Remnant! Posted by Supertradmum. Raissa Maritain employed two types of contemplative prayer, titles of which Jacques decided to leave in the French rather than try to ...
27 Oct 2014
I do. Garrigou-Lagrange has these three in his section on the Illuminative State, which I think will be helpful for all of us. Garrigou-Lagrange's next chapter highlight St. Catherine and Bl. Henry, and here are some of his ...
30 Jan 2014
Second, the remnant is saved by grace, by election, that is chosen by God, and are those who have kept the Ten Commandments and have the testimony of Jesus Christ, which is baptism. Third, the remnant is those who ...

16 Jul 2014
Responding to The Remnant. Posted by Supertradmum. This is a bit late, but better late than never. In the May 20th, 2014 issue of The Remnant, Father Celatus has. a list of issues, comments and events which he claims are ...
30 Sep 2013
I am sad to leave the TLM and the beautiful Carmelite churches which I have attended. There are still many excellent priests in Ireland. Pray for them and pray for the remnant. If I ever return, it will not be to this exact place.